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SouthArk Expo 2016 Winners

Rib Cookoff Contest


First Place Tailboard BBQ
Second Place JKB’s Ring of Fire
Third Place Tailgaters
Fourth Place High Flying BBQ
Fifth Place Baby Lane’s BBQ
Sixth Place My Wife Let me Enter Today
Cooker's Choice
First Place Tailgaters
Second Place Caribbean Moon
Third Place My Wife Let me Enter Today
Best Team Theme
First Place House Asset Development
Second Place Dixieland Smokers
 Third Place Downhome Grillers
Best Rig Construction
First Place Milan Construction
Second Place Tailgaters
Third Place Tailboard BBQ
Attend Wildman’s session – learn about purchasing licenses, sighting in your firearms, taking hunter education course, scouting for deer signs, and checking deer stands at 10:00 a.m. in the Oak Room of the El Dorado Conference Center.

Thanks to all of our Expo Sponsors!

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