Join us for a fantastic day-long musical experience at the Outdoor Expo!

Join us for a fantastic day-long musical experience at the SouthArk Outdoor Expo! This year’s talented and entertaining bands will be the biggest ever. You will hear rhythm and blues, country, blues, rockabilly, and classic rock.  

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2021 Schedule - Main Stage, corner of Locust and S. Washington

9:00 a.m. - 10:30 a.m. - Cummins Prison Band (tentative)

11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. - TBA 

1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. - Aces Wild Band 



Aces Wild Band


Aces Wild, a band you won’t forget, is a high-powered party band from the South. This top energy group wows audiences with their extraordinary vocals and musical talent. These guys rock their hearts out, jamming to everything from Johnny Cash to Bruno Mars, from ZZ Top to George Strait. You name it, they play it, rocking performances from coast-to-coast. 

Experience, talent, phenomenal rhythms, percussion, and strong vocal leads make it easy for Aces Wild to deliver a show that makes any age group want to jump up and dance. They make magic happen on stage so audiences are always thrilled and inspired by their performance, making sure every event is unique. Band members are lead vocalist and guitar slinger Travis Caudell, El Dorado native Paul Baumgardner on drums, and Hernando, Mississippi's own "Joey McBride" on bass guitar.  

Website -
Facebook - @aceswildband

Cummin Prison Band

Cummins Prison Band 2

Cummins Prison Band was established around 1970 and has had a significant impact on Arkansas history and culture.  The band, which was started after calls for prison reform by Gov. Winthrop Rockefeller and singer Johnny Cash has become one of the most highly sought after bands in Arkansas!  They are best known for entertaining at state festivals, fairs, and conventions, including a law enforcement convention.   

One year on a sunny, spring day in 1969, the Cummins Unit– the oldest and largest “prison farm” in Arkansas, was visited by deep-singing, country, folk, outlaw-sounding, Johnny Cash.  The next year, 1970, a song known as “Cummins Prison Farm”, was debuted on Billboard’s rhythm and blues chart, and was the number one song on local stations. 

Life at Cummins would forever be changed after four inmates began the Cummins Prison Band.  The Cummins Prison Band is unmistakably unique and has profoundly changed the Arkansas prison system.  Rock stars fade in and out; they come and go- just like members of the Cummins Prison Band.  Through the music they play, lives have been changed. After all, everyone loves them. is an independent singer, songwriter, musician, and all-around entertainer that is making the quest to bridge the gap between today's modern country and the classic sounds of the past with his compositions and performance, both in and out of the studio.  

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