6.07 Weapons on Campus Chapter Six: Statutory Compliance Procedure Title: Weapons on Campus-Based On: Board Policy 1 Procedure Number: 6.07 Date Adopted/Revised: June 25, 2001; November 21, 2006; May 15, 2007; July 25, 2016; November 27, 2017 I. Arkansas Statute 5-73-119 establishes the prohibition for the possession of handguns on school property.

Handguns may not be carried on the person, in a vehicle, or be otherwise readily available. Furthermore, the College prohibits the possession of any weapon on College property. A weapon is defined as a firearm, knives, sword, bomb, or any substance or device designed or intended to inflict harm. II.

In pursuant of Arkansas Act 562 of 2017, as amended by Act 859 of 2017, the possession of a concealed handgun on campus is permitted:
a. If the person has a license to carry a concealed handgun under Arkansas Statute 5-73-301, and
b. Has completed an additional endorsement training approved by the Director of the Arkansas State Police.

III. Individuals that meet the requirements in Paragraph II above are encouraged, but not required, to inform SouthArk Public Safety officers aware that they plan to carry a concealed weapon on campus. Furthermore, the individuals are highly encouraged to attend specific SouthArk active shooter training courses.

IV. Any person who carries a handgun should be aware that a law enforcement officer may lawfully inquire into that person’s purpose. Determining culpability or potential culpability under Arkansas Code 5-73-120 is initially a matter for law enforcement following guidelines that routinely apply when investigating a misdemeanor involving the danger of forcible injury to persons. A law enforcement officer may stop and detain any person reasonably suspected of violating Arkansas Code 5-73-120 if necessary to identify the person or determine the lawfulness of his or her conduct.

Whether an officer has reasonable suspicion will depend upon a number of circumstance-specific factors. Some of these factors are recounted in Arkansas Code 16-81-203, including:
(1) the demeanor of the suspect;
(2) the gait and manner of the suspect;
(3) any information received from third persons; and
(4) the suspect’s proximity to known criminal conduct.

While merely possessing a loaded handgun completely on its own is not enough for reasonable suspicion of a violation of Arkansas Code 5-73-120(a), possessing a loaded handgun in combination with just one additional factor may, depending on the circumstance, be enough to create reasonable suspicion of intent to unlawfully employ the handgun as a weapon.

V. A concealed carry weapon may not be carried during documented grievance and disciplinary meetings on the SouthArk campus.

VI. Bonafide law enforcement officers are not subject to this regulation. Violation is classified as a Class D Felony and violators may be prosecuted. In addition, the Administration is authorized to impose disciplinary action up to and including dismissal or expulsion.

VII. Vendors for events at the El Dorado Conference Center may bring knives or similar items for display only. They will need to be secured in a manner approved by the SouthArk Director of Public Safety for the duration of the event. Guests may not, at any time, handle the items. However, guests may order any of the displayed items for delivery or pickup at the vendor’s place of business. Any type of gun or rifle must be pre-approved by the SouthArk Director of Public Safety. If allowed, the weapons must meet safety and security requirements as designated by the SouthArk Director of Public Safety.

Additionally, SouthArk recognizes that there are important outdoor-related events where knives or other edged weapons are awarded as part of a raffle or door prize. In these instances, the recipient may only take possession of these items as they exit the facility. In addition, possession will only be transferred from the event holder to the recipient at a prearranged location under the supervision of a SouthArk Public Safety Officer.

VIII. Firearms are allowed on the campus for the purpose of participating in a shooting match or target practice under the auspices of the college shooting team.

IX. If an individual has a license to carry a concealed handgun, he or she may leave the weapon in his or her locked and unattended motor vehicle in a campus parking lot.

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